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Complex B2B multi-portal setup

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Portals for several brands in one installation for efficient order process, information retrieval and retoure management

Aimeos Derby Cycle showcase


Derby Cycle belongs to Pon Holding and is the largest bicycle manufacturer in Germany in terms of total sales. With the brands Focus, Kalkhoff, Rixe and others, Derby Cycle is one of the leading manufacturers in Europe. Above all, Derby Cycle is the market and innovation leader in Germany for e-bikes. But Derby Cycle's range also includes competition racing bikes, mountain bikes, high-quality trekking, city, off-road and children's bikes for everyday use and travel.

The web application

Our Dealer Portal consists of a complex customer structure with approx. 5,000 dealers worldwide. Their accounts are grouped into five brand portals and more than 70 shop sites but use a single login per portal. Most product data is shared across the shop sites and inherited from the global site. The portal sites contain the product category relations while prices and shipping options are part of the single shop sites. Within these shop sites, the customers sees their target group-specific prices.

Once the dealer orders bikes, spare parts or merchandising articles, the order is sent to the Velo.Connect ERP system. In addition, a complete digitalisation of the complaint process offers the possibility to speed up repairs by the dealer.


Our Bicycle dealers get a modern interface for the efficient processing of product orders and the retrieval of information and services. Required spare parts for different bicycle models can be ordered quickly and easily online. The comprehensive download area offers both, current software and technical documents and the responsive design ensures optimal use at the POS of the retailer.

In the mean time, the dealer portal is the main sales channel for Derby Cycle.


Implemented by:

Business Unicorns GmbH

We accompany the digital transformation of our customers from A to Z. We focus on integrated and modern frontends and backends that are individually adapted to customer requirements. No matter whether shop, website, portal or specialized applications, we accompany our customers from the potential analysis to the finished product and far beyond.