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The B2B eCommerce and B2B Marketplace Platform

Cloud-Native, API first & Open Source

Build complex B2B eCommerce platforms, B2B marketplaces and custom B2B multi-brand portals easily using the cloud-native Aimeos Open Source B2B eCommerce platform. Per user/group pricing and sophisticated price rules with custom workflows for millions of complex products are what is Aimeos built for and makes it the perfect base for B2B companies of all sizes. 



Multi portal, multi channel and multi warehouse capable

Build multiple brand portals, shops for your country web sites or different sales channels from one source but multiple warehouses with the sites extension. Products and other data can be inherited and enriched by individual prices, texts or images.

Customer or customer group specific products, prices and more

Show individual prices, products and categories for each customer group or customer with the customergroups extension. Also, an unlimited number of quantity based prices are possible for each product and product option.

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Create B2B marketplaces with unlimited number of vendors

Enable your customers to buy products from any vendor in your B2B marketplace using a single basket with only one checkout and payment. Each vendor has access to his ordered products including the required order details and they can update the delivery status themselves.

Complex process flows and shipping calculations made easy

Integrate your B2B eCommerce application into your existing environment with ERP, PIM, document or order management, logistics and other systems easily. Aimeos supports fetching/pushing data from/to different systems with complex business rules.

World-wide VAT handling for B2B and/or B2C taxation

Automatically check VAT-IDs in the EU VIES system and calculate taxes automatically with the vatcheck extension. Countries with multiple taxes on the same product (e.g. local and state taxes) are supported too.

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API first, HTML - choose your front-end!

Use the responsive HTML frontend or build your own mobile/progressive web application (PWA) based on the JSON REST API. All B2B features are equally available in all frontends and administration is possible using the web interface or the Aimeos GraphQL API.

For shops from a few to 1 billion items that render in 20ms

Regardless of your product catalog, Aimeos scales with your business while being ultra fast. Use a standard MySQL, MS SQL Server or Oracle database for a few to 100 000 items or the #gigacommerce extension for 1 billion items and more.

Bundles, virtual, configurable and highly customizable products

Sell products in bundles, add configurable options or let customers build highly custom products out of the box. Besides physical products, you can also sell services, documents or access to content on your web site.

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Case study

Derby Cycle | B2B | Bikes

Dealer portal for efficient sales

Multi-brand dealer portal for one of the biggest bicycle manufacturers in Europe

Aimeos Derby Cycle showcase

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