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Aimeos Roadmap

New versions of the Aimeos e-commerce library and its application/framework integrations are released on a quarterly base.

In the beginning of each year, new major versions will be available with a three month beta and a six month stabilization phase. They will contain code cleanups and reorganizations and aren't backward compatible with previous releases. During the stabilization phase, only features will be added that aren't likely to break backward compatibility to working code.

Latest stable (LTS) version:

  • will get bugfixes and security patches
  • will be supported for one year free of charge
  • is supported another four years with extended support (ELTS)

We recommend to use the stable releases for production and upgrade to the corresponding LTS version after it has been released.


Support periods

Support type
Beta release
Stable releases
Long term support (LTS)
Commercial extended LTS support

Planned for 2024+

  • Merge type tables
  • Support several mail configurations
  • Extract tree management code to own package
  • Rewrite catalog/customer product sub-panels for document oriented storages
  • Implement more Vue.js components for admin backend
  • Add basic tools for image manipulation in admin backend
  • Pass PSR-7 ServerRequestInterface to process() of payment services
  • Allow passing additional configuration to CLI commands
  • Simplify product CSV import format
  • Add scalar type to order product/service attributes to allow internationalization

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