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Aimeos Case Studies

Derby Cycle | B2B | Bikes

Dealer portal for efficient sales

Multi-brand dealer portal for one of the biggest bicycle manufacturers in Europe

Aimeos Derby Cycle showcase
Aimeos Beets&Roots showcase

Beets & Roots | B2C | Food

Healthy fast food from Germany

Food start-up selling bowls, salads and wraps as healthy fast food in Berlin and Hamburg

Botteega | Market | Food

Food delivery from local markets

Mass vendor market place for buying fresh food online and organizing same day delivery

Aimeos Botteega showcase
Aimeos SAC showcase

SAC | B2C | Leisure

Shop for Swiss alpine club

Extensive shop system with automatic subscription processing for alpine enthusiasts

Derby Cycle | B2C | Leisure

Product catalog for bicycles

Brand sites for Raleigh and Univega with product catalog, dealer search and product tests

Aimeos Raleigh Univega showcase
Aimeos Stadler Form showcase

Stadler Form | B2C | Home

Content and shop combined

Shapely, useful and practical household appliances by Stadler Form from Switzerland

HEKS | B2C | Humanitarian

Give Help

One goat, 40 ducks or a blackboard - the gifts from HEKS are twice as much fun

Aimeos Hilfe Schenken showcase