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Build your multi-vendor market place

Create feature rich multi-vendor market places as one-stop shop for customers of your segment, area or target group and participate from the sales of your merchants. The AIMEOS market place extension and Laravel enable you to create a scalable platform tailored exactly to your needs.


How it works

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One market place, unlimited number of vendors

Enable your customers to buy products from any vendor in your market place using a single basket with only one checkout and payment. Each vendor has access to his ordered products including the required order details and they can update the delivery status themselves.

Fully functional shop for each vendor

Give each merchant his own shop where they can sell only their own products if you like. These vendor shops can even have their own domains while still using your Laravel market place platform. Merchants with several warehouses can also add multiple stock levels for each product.

Build trees of specialized market places

You want to offer own market places for different segments and combine all products into the parent market place? With AIMEOS, you can create a multi-level tree of market places without performance loss and it gives you fine-grained control over what is available at each level.

For market places with unlimited number of items

AIMEOS and Laravel scale your market place while being ultra fast. Use a standard relational databases like MySQL or PostgreSQL and combine them with Solr or Elasticsearch for several million items. Use a distributed NoSQL database for a virtually unlimited number of items.

Enable drop-shipping or affiliate marketing

Add products to your platform inherited by vendor shops for drop-shipping. Your merchants can enable these products in their shops and add own prices, texts and images that are only visible in their shops. Disable enriching the products to use the same system for affiliates.

Full featured admin interface and permission handling

See full details of all orders as market place owner and help vendors to manage their products and content in the admin interface. Restrict merchants to their site and to the possibilites you've given to them by assigning appropriate access rights.

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Case study

Botteega | B2C | Food

Italian local food market

Multi-vendor food market place in Italy for delivering food from local markets at home

Aimeos Botteega showcase

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