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Multi-vendor SaaS platform

Create your own feature rich, multi-vendor SaaS platform like Shopify for free and participate from the sales of your merchants. The AIMEOS e-commerce package and Laravel enables you to create a ultra fast and scalable SaaS platforms for millions of vendors and billions of items tailored exactly to your needs.



Fully functional shop for each vendor

Give each merchant his own shop where they can sell their own products. These vendor shops can even have their own domains while still using your Laravel SaaS platform. Merchants with several warehouses can also add multiple stock levels for each product.

Unlimited number of vendors

Use one Laravel/Aimeos installation to host millions of vendors at the same time with exceptional performance! Each vendor has access to his own shop site in the administration backend and has full control over his own shop including content and configuration.

Scales to an unlimited number of items

AIMEOS and Laravel scale your SaaS platfrom while being ultra fast. Use a standard relational databases like MySQL or PostgreSQL and combine them with Solr for several million items. Use a distributed ElasticSearch cluster for a virtually unlimited number of items.

Full featured admin interface and permission handling

See full details of all orders as SaaS platform owner and help vendors to manage their products and content in the admin interface. Restrict merchants to their site and to the possibilites you've given to them by assigning appropriate access rights.

API first, HTML - choose your front-end!

Use the responsive HTML frontend or build your own mobile/progressive web application (PWA) based on the JSON REST API. All Aimeos features are equally available in all Laravel frontends and administration is also possible using the web interface or the Aimeos GraphQL API.

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