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The Laravel ecommerce & shop framework

Ultra fast, free Open Source and scalable to #gigacommerce

Quick Start At GitHubAimeos laravel ecommerce screenshot

Take a look at the Aimeos demo setups

Aimeos demo

The simplest way to ecommerce in Laravel

  1. composer create-project aimeos/aimeos myshop

Build your custom Laravel ecommerce easily

  1. use \Aimeos\Shop\Facades\Product;
  2. $items = Product::uses(['text', 'media', 'price'])
  3.     ->catetory(123)->text('sneaker')
  4.     ->sort('name')->slice(0, 48)->search();
  1. use \Aimeos\Shop\Facades\Catalog;
  2. $catalog = Catalog::uses(['text', 'media']);
  3. $tree = $catalog->getTree();
  4. $list = $catalog->getPath(123);
  1. use \Aimeos\Shop\Facades\Basket;
  2. use \Aimeos\Shop\Facades\Product;
  3. $item = Product::uses(['price'])->find('abc');
  4. $cart = Basket::addProduct($item)->get();

Frequently Asked Questions

It's available as both, an easy to install standalone shop application and a Laravel e-commerce package which you can integrate into your own, already existing Laravel application.

The Aimeos standalone shop application is a preconfigured setup based on the latest Laravel LTS release that works out of the box and also includes optional vendor registration for multi-vendor setups. The Aimeos Laravel package can be integrated into any existing Laravel application instead.

Yes, Aimeos is Open Source and available under the LGPLv3 licence while the Laravel integration is licensed using the MIT license. Both allow you to modify and/or redistribute the Aimeos source code so you can use it in any of your client projects free of charge without restrictions.

Nothing! It's free of charge and you can use it for all your or your clients projects without paying anything.

There are only a few extensions for B2B, marketplaces and #gigacommerce offered by the Aimeos company that are not available for free. In addition, the Aimeos company offers paid support if you need 1:1 developer support or want support for a specifc Aimeos LTS version up to five years.

Yes, you can use Aimeos to host an unlimited number of vendors within one Aimeos installation out of the box with no additional costs. Vendors have their own shop and admin backend so you can create Laravel ecommerce SaaS platforms like Shopify immediately.

There's also a marketplace extension available to build (multi-level) marketplaces in Aimeos. Then, vendors manage their own products and all vendor products are aggregated into one or more marketplaces. Customers can buy products from different vendors just like they can do at Amazon.

Yes, the Aimeos frontend is fully SEO optimized and regularly tested against the Google SEO recommendations. You can also add your own meta description and keywords to each category or product. Additionally, all products are machine-readable due to markup for structured data so Google and other search engines know the products, their names, images prices and stock level.