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The Laravel ecommerce & shop framework

Ultra fast, free Open Source and scalable to #gigacommerce

Quick Start At GitHubAimeos laravel ecommerce screenshot

Take a look at the Aimeos demo setups

Aimeos demo

The simplest way to ecommerce in Laravel

  1. composer create-project aimeos/aimeos myshop

Build your custom Laravel ecommerce easily

  1. use \Aimeos\Shop\Facades\Product;
  2. $items = Product::uses(['text', 'media', 'price'])
  3.     ->catetory(123)->text('sneaker')
  4.     ->sort('name')->slice(0, 48)->search();
  1. use \Aimeos\Shop\Facades\Catalog;
  2. $catalog = Catalog::uses(['text', 'media']);
  3. $tree = $catalog->getTree();
  4. $list = $catalog->getPath(123);
  1. use \Aimeos\Shop\Facades\Basket;
  2. use \Aimeos\Shop\Facades\Product;
  3. $item = Product::uses(['price'])->find('abc');
  4. $cart = Basket::addProduct($item)->get();