Aimeos Roadmap

New versions of the Aimeos e-commerce library and its application/framework integrations are released on a quarterly base.

In the beginning of each year, a new major version will be available with a three month beta and a six month stabilization phase. Afterwards, the latest stable version will be supported for one year free of charge and there's the option to buy extended support for another three years.

The major versions will contain code cleanups and reorganizations and aren't backward compatible with previous releases. During the stabilization phase, only features will be added that aren't likely to break backward compatibility to working code. For LTS and extended LTS version, bugfixes and security patches will be available.

We recommend to use the stable releases for production and upgrade to the LTS version after it has been released.

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Support type
Beta release
Stable releases
Long term support (LTS)
Commercial extended LTS support

Next major version

  • Use PSR-7 request/response for JSON Admin API
  • Rename "seperatorDecimal" and "seperator100" to "separator..."
  • Simplify template structure and available data
  • Focus on templates, less configuration
  • Split "checkout process" part for more flexibility in payment integration
  • Simplify expiry/tag calculation in HTML client classes
  • Implement stock level check as basket plugin
  • Move stock managers/items to own domain


  • JSON REST API for the frontend
  • Extended JQAdm administration interface
  • Frontend editing
  • Market place for extensions
  • Drupal integration
  • Wordpress integration