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  • High performance shop system
  • Free & Open Source (LGPLv3)
  • Optimized for smart phones and tablets
  • Unlimited number of shops per installation
  • Extremely flexible, not only for web shops
  • Full support for reoccuring subscriptions
  • Secure and reviewed implementation
  • Optimized usability via crowd testing
  • High speed: 40ms to first byte with block level caching
  • Extremely scalable from single to very large distributed installations
  • Distributable to up to 16 databases
  • Proved to handle 10 000 and more orders per day
  • Up to 100 000 products out of the box with standard MySQL
  • Several million products with SOLR/ElasticSearch
  • Written in PHP 5
  • Low resource usage (3-6MB/request)
  • Installable on most web hosting platforms
  • Hassle-free update from any previous version
  • Native integration into applications and frameworks
  • Provided as distribution if possible
  • Multi-language, multi-currency capable
  • Language specific price, number and date formats
  • Automatically populated language and currency selectors based on activated locales
  • Translations in Bulgarian, Dutch, English, French, German, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Turkish, partly Chinese, Persian, Serbian and Vietnamese
  • Extremely simple and comfortable translation to new languages via Transifex
  • Fully SEO optimized
  • Google readable product data
  • Deep links to all products and categories
  • Readable URLs including product/category names
  • Custom and translatable URL segments for products/categories
  • Product and category names as part of the HTML title
  • Custom HTML meta tags for categories and products
  • Canonical URLs to avoid duplicate content
  • XML sitemap generation
  • Strictly reviewed code
  • Excellent code quality
  • Security layer with white lists against SQL injection
  • Supports Content Security Policy against cross site scripting attacks (XSS)
  • Works also without Javascript enabled

For developers

  • Highly configurable: ca. 2500 options
  • Native integration in any PHP application
  • Framework is easily adaptable to own needs
  • Based on exchangeable components
  • All components can be dynamically extended or replaced
  • Features can be added by decorators without extending the classes
  • Extremely structured code including ca. 180 000 lines
  • Well documented code with ca. 135 000 lines of comments
  • High quality code (9/10 points)
  • Open Source (LGPLv3 license)
  • Public development on Github
  • Easy to contribute
  • Object oriented PHP 5 code
  • Design patterns for optimal solutions
  • More than 6 000 tests with over 17 500 assertions
  • Responsive web design (down to 320px)
  • Optimized for smart phones and tablets
  • Fully HTML5 and CSS3 based
  • Highly customizable via CSS
  • Each category can be styled individually
  • Modular templates
  • Standard template for easy setup
  • Hierarchical templates for each module
  • Templates parts can be added, replaced or removed by configuration
  • jQuery for dynamic features and improved usability


  • Unlimited number of products and categories
  • Unlimited category tree depth
  • Configurable options per category
  • Multiple texts, images and attributes per category
  • Products and categories can be temporarily deactivated
  • Time based texts, media and attributes
  • Stage image per category (inheritable)
  • Menus with configurable limits for category levels
  • Configurable number of shown category levels
  • Breadcrumb navigation
  • Browse previous/next products of last search
  • Back to last search results
  • Faceted search with product counts
  • Based on categories and product attributes
  • Split faceted search possible
  • High speed full text search
  • Auto suggestion while typing
  • Combined category and search result list
  • Configurable number of product list items
  • Sort by relevance, name and prices (ascending, descending)
  • Highly configurable list and detail views
  • Last seen products per user
  • Pinned products per user
  • Favorite products per user
  • Watched products per user
  • Cross selling (suggested products)
  • Products bought together
  • Promoted products per category
  • Customer quotes per category
  • Time-based product offers


  • Articles
  • Selection products with variants
  • Configurable options for all product types
  • Product variant attributes
  • Dependent product variant attributes
  • Download products
  • Subscriptions
  • Vouchers
  • Unlimited number of product texts (64KB each)
  • Unlimited number of product attributes and attribute types
  • Unlimited number of pictures
  • Image zoom and slider
  • Time based texts, media, attributes and prices
  • Supplier information
  • Additional downloads per product
  • Multimedia support: Images, PDF, video, audio


Social network integration

  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • more via configuration
  • Dynamic stock level information in all list and detail views
  • Pre-order out of stock products
  • Back in stock details
  • Hints for customers regarding low stock level
  • Show out of stock products
  • Block pricing
  • Additional cost for configurable options
  • Additional cost per item
  • Individual tax rates per item
  • Special offers with reduced prices


  • Standard basket
  • Small basket on all pages
  • Ajax support for adding, updating or deleting products in the basket
  • Adds delivery and/or payment option automatically when adding a product
  • Add hidden attributes to ordered products for ERP systems
  • Hidden products in basket
  • Redeem coupon code
  • Configurable number of coupon codes per order
  • Product image and name
  • Product variant attributes
  • Chosen product options (removable)
  • Price per unit and total
  • Separate lines for shipping and/or payment costs
  • Separate lines for rebates
  • VAT per tax rate
  • Included rebates

Configurable limits

  • Free shipping limit
  • Minimum and maximum order value
  • Minimum and maximum number of all ordered products
  • Minimum and maximum number per product


Basket checks

  • Check if product is still available
  • Update if product price has changed
  • Check if product is still in stock
  • Rebates get constantly updated on basket changes

Available rebates

  • Fixed price rebate
  • Percentage rebate
  • Free shipping
  • Present products



  • Coupon codes with configurable counts
  • Customer specific coupon codes
  • Codes with start and expiration dates
  • Discount limitations

    • Required product in basket
    • Configurable minimum and maximum order value

  • Individual tax rates per product, rebate and payment/delivery option
  • VAT per tax rate in basket and summary
  • Tax optimized rebates


  • Logged in customers can order with two clicks
  • One page checkout with configurable group of steps
  • Checkout steps can be reordered
  • Unnecessary checkout steps can be removed
  • Steps which doesn't require any user action are automatically skipped
  • Customers can go back to any previous step
  • Progress navigation at the top of the checkout process

Address fields

  • Personal, address, contact and business related input fields
  • Configurable list of mandatory, optional and hidden fields
  • Three address fields can be used for specific parts by adapting the translation
  • Configurable list of countries and their states
  • Configurable list of salutations
  • Customers can select a different language for order e-mails


Integrated usability

  • Several delivery addresses per customer
  • Billing address is stored in application tables if possible
  • New addresses are added automatically for logged in customers
  • Addresses can be added, edited and deleted directly in the checkout process
  • Client and server side error checking
  • AJAX for improved usability

Delivery provider

  • Standard XML provider for interfacing ERP systems
  • Flexible interface for implementing adapters to logistic partners or ERP systems
  • Additional user input per delivery method possible


Availability of delivery methods

  • Address country dependent
  • Basket content dependent
  • Dependent on the number of previous orders
  • Dependent on product properties


Delivery costs

  • Configurable discounts per delivery method
  • Configurable costs per delivery method
  • Fixed and percentage discounts and costs
  • Delivery costs calculated on the basket content


Delivery provider interface

  • Process deliveries locally
  • Send orders to remote systems
  • Export orders for asynchronous processing
  • Receive single delivery status updates from remote
  • Process batch files with delivery status updates
  • Query the current delivery status from remote

Payment provider


Availability of payment methods

  • address country dependent
  • basket content dependent
  • dependent on the number of previous orders
  • dependent on customer scoring via external services


Payment costs

  • Configurable discounts per payment method
  • Configurable costs per payment method
  • Fixed and percentage discounts and costs
  • Payment costs calculated on the basket content


Payment provider interface

  • Process payments locally
  • Forward to remote payment gateways
  • Receive single payment status updates from remote
  • Process batch files with payment status updates
  • Query the current payment status from remote
  • Authorize and capture payments separately
  • Cancel pending payments
  • Refund payments

Configurable parts

  • Summary page sections can be freely rearranged
  • Summary page extendable by further options (e.g. newsletter)
  • Term & conditions and privacy policy linked on summary page
  • Conforms to German law


Checkout checks

  • Configurable check for required or prohibited addresses types
  • Configurable check for required or prohibited delivery or payment option
  • Delivery and payment costs are constantly updated on basket changes
  • Reserves products until payment is authorized or received

Customer related

  • Uses native CMS or application customer accounts
  • Manageable via CMS infrastructure or administration interface
  • Full order history with list and detail view
  • Watch list for products (back in stock, price reduction)
  • Product favorite list

E-Mail types

  • Order confirmation e-mail
  • Payment status change e-mail for refunds, pending, authorization and received
  • Delivery status change e-mail for dispatched, delivered and returned
  • Notification e-mails for watched products


E-Mail features

  • HTML and text versions of each e-mail
  • E-Mail composed of several parts that can be reordered, replaced or removed
  • Individual texts for each status in payment/delivery status e-mails
  • Individually styleable via embedded CSS template
  • Language specific salutations and formats
  • Fully translateable

Shop administration

  • Modern, easy to use admin interface
  • Embedded into the admin interface of the application or frameworks
  • Access and rights management via application or frameworks
  • Asynchronous jobs for long running tasks
  • Dashboard with latest job, log and cache information
  • Full product management including stock level management
  • Full customer management
  • Full order management
  • Coupon management and mass upload of codes
  • Plug-in management for basket actions
  • Flexible possibilities for searching and sorting in all panels
  • Automatic image scaling with configurable sizes
  • Copy products including associated items
  • CSV imports and exports
  • Action log of all changes
  • WYSIWYG editor

Asynchronous tasks

  • Flexible product import using CSV files
  • Send notification e-mails for watched products
  • Import delivery/payment status batch updates
  • Send delivery and payment status update e-mails
  • Capture authorized payments
  • Send paid orders to ERP system or logistic partners
  • Release reserved product stock of unpaid orders
  • Release redeemed coupon codes of unpaid orders
  • Calculate products bought together like Amazon
  • Create site maps for search engines
  • Execute admin interface jobs
  • Catalog index rebuild
  • Optimize catalog index
  • Cleanup expired cache entries
  • Cleanup unfinished and unpaid orders
  • Archive old logs