Since 2022.10, Aimeos contains a GraphQL API for administration. It allows full access to all shop data and is especially useful to manage the content.

There's no common entry point to access the GraphQL API. This depends on the host application and you have to retrieve the GraphQL URL from the admin HTML pages. The URL of the GraphQL API is stored in the data attribute of the HTML node with class àimeos`:

<div class="aimeos" data-graphql="https://yourdomain.com/admin/default/graphql">

You can retrieve the URL easily using:



Because you can retrieve and modify all shop content, the GraphQL API is protected and requires an administrative users to be logged in before they can use the API. What actions the GraphQL API allows depends on the permissions the user has (superuser, admin or editor). You can adapt the permissions by configuring the admin/graphql/resource/ sections. Take a look at the default permissions for reference.

To authenticate, you have to send the cookies with each request and (for Laravel only) the X-CSRF-TOKEN as header:

const body = JSON.stringify({'query':
`query {
  searchProducts(filter: "{}") {

fetch($('.aimeos').data('graphql'), {
    method: 'POST',
    credentials: 'same-origin',
    headers: { // Laravel only
        'X-CSRF-TOKEN': $('meta[name="csrf-token"]').attr('content')
    body: body
}).then(response => {
    if(!response.ok) {
        throw new Error(response.statusText)
    return response.json();
}).then(result => {
    if(result.errors) {
        throw result.errors
    return result
}).catch(err => {

When you've managed to authenticate and got the base URL, you can start working with the Aimeos GraphQL API.


If you think there something missing in the API or you have suggestions how to improve it and make it even easier, feel free to drop us a note on GitHub or in the Aimeos forum.


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