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Custom CSS/JS#

If you generate an Aimeos extension for your project, you can add own CSS and JS code in these files included in the generated extension:


They will be loaded automatically and appended to the Aimeos core files so you can overwrite any Aimeos CSS or JS code.

You can also add more CSS/JS files if you have lots of code and want to keep them in separate files. Then, you have to register your files in the manifest.jsb2 file stored in:


This file contains a pkgs section for the CSS and the JS files:

    "pkgs": [{
        "name": "yourext CSS",
        "file": "yourext.css",
        "fileIncludes": [{
            "text": "additonal-styles.css",
            "path": "themes/"
    }, {
        "name": "yourext JS",
        "file": "yourext.js",
        "fileIncludes": [{
            "text": "additional-javascript.js",
            "path": "js/"

The fileIncludes sections contain the list of files that will be included in each request. It's a list of Javascript objects with text and path keys.


The text value must be the file name without path while the path value must contain the path relative to the manifest.jsb2 file including a trailing slash ("/").


Aimeos offers a rich text HTML editor in the text panels for adding HTML formatting to short and long descriptions and currently, the CKEditor v4 Standard All Edition is used. This version comes with all standard plugins activated and all official plugins included, but deactivated. The standard configuration hides some buttons (e.g. "superscript", "subscript"), something to be aware of, when it comes to configuration.


Your own Aimeos extensions includes a ./admin/jqadm/themes/custom.js script which allows you to configure CKEditor. Initially this file is empty but you can add Javascript to overwrite the default HTML editor settings like this:

Aimeos.ckeditor.toolbar = [
  [ 'Undo', 'Redo' ],
  [ 'Link', 'Unlink', 'Anchor' ],
  [ 'Bold', 'Italic', 'Underline', 'Strike' ],
  [ 'NumberedList', 'BulletedList', '-', 'Outdent', 'Indent', '-', 'Blockquote' ],
  [ 'SpecialChar' ],
  [ 'Source', '-', 'RemoveFormat' ]

This configuration will replace the existing Aimeos configuration and will be applied to all available text area fields in all text panels.

Activate plugins#

In order to make buttons like the text align options (JustifyLeft, JustifyCenter, JustifyRight, JustifyBlock) visible, you have to add a plugin to the extraPlugins option, in this case the justify plugin:

Aimeos.ckeditor.extraPlugins = 'divarea,justify'

Now the text align options will be visible.


The default configuration contains divarea to render the CKEditor in a div tag instead of an iframe. We recommend to keep that plugin to avoid problems!

Allow HTML tags#

By default, CKEditor's allowed content rules are used with the addition of those tags listed in the extraAllowedContent. The Aimeos standard configuration is:

Aimeos.ckeditor.extraAllowedContent = 'div(*);span(*);p(*);';

This option enables you to configure more tags which are allowed in the source view, replace them by your own list or remove them completely. The format of the setting must be the tag name, followed by the list of CSS classes in round brackets or "*" for all classes. Each tags/class combination must contain a semicolon at the end. Don't use spaces anywhere in the string!

Show more buttons#

If you wish to activate certain buttons, e.g. for super- and/or subscript, or add e.g. text align options, extend your configuration like this:

Aimeos.ckeditor.toolbar = [
  [ 'Undo', 'Redo', 'Anchor' ],
  [ 'Link', 'Unlink' ],
  [ 'JustifyLeft', 'JustifyCenter', 'JustifyRight' ],
  [ 'Bold', 'Italic', 'Underline', 'Strike', 'Superscript', 'Subscript' ],
  [ 'NumberedList', 'BulletedList', '-', 'Outdent', 'Indent', '-', 'Blockquote' ],
  [ 'SpecialChar' ],
  [ 'Source', '-', 'RemoveFormat' ]

This would only be the first step, though, since neither the text align nor the super-/subscript buttons would be available/visible yet. This is due to the fact that the CKEditor v4 Standard Edition disables additional plugins by default as well as removes some buttons.

Remove buttons#

The buttons for "Underline", "Superscript" and "Subscript" are not visible, because the CKEDITOR v4 Standard Edition removes them by default. You can change the list of buttons using the removeButtons setting. The default configuration in Aimeos is:

Aimeos.ckeditor.removeButtons = 'Underline,Subscript,Superscript';

The button names must be separated by comma. To show all buttons, set the configuration option to an empty string:

Aimeos.ckeditor.removeButtons = '';

There's a complete list of CKEditor button names available for reference.


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