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Configures the list of decorators applied to all shop managers

mshop/common/manager/decorators/default = Array
    [depth] => Depth
  • Default: Array
  • Type: array - List of decorator names
  • Since: 2014.03

Decorators extend the functionality of a class by adding new aspects (e.g. log what is currently done), executing the methods of the underlying class only in certain conditions (e.g. only for logged in users) or modify what is returned to the caller.

This option allows you to configure a list of decorator names that should be wrapped around the original instances of all created managers:

 mshop/common/manager/decorators/default = array( 'decorator1', 'decorator2' )

This would wrap the decorators named "decorator1" and "decorator2" around all controller instances in that order. The decorator classes would be "\Aimeos\MShop\Common\Manager\Decorator\Decorator1" and "\Aimeos\MShop\Common\Manager\Decorator\Decorator2".


Maximum level of recursion for retrieving referenced items

mshop/common/manager/maxdepth = 2
  • Default: 2
  • Type: int - Number of levels
  • Since: 2019.04

Searching for items also fetches the associated items referenced in the list tables if the domain names are passed to the second parameter of e.g. the searchItems() method. To avoid infinite recursion because two items reference each other, the maximum level must be limited.

The default setting (two levels) means that retrieving a product item with sub-products will retrieve the directly associated products but not the products referenced by the associated product for example.


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