2017.x -> 2018.x

This log contains a list of changes from 2017.x to 2018.x that might break your extension code or change the behavior of the frontend in a way that is different than before so a functionality won't work as expected any more:

Date Area Change
2017-12-28 Frontend controller Removed unused createManager() in catalog controller
2017-12-28 HTML client Removed unnecessary tag/expiry for list items
2017-12-28 HTML client Simplified fetching data for templates
2017-12-27 HTML client Renamed templates from "-default.php" to "-standard.php"
2017-12-26 Job controller Renamed templates from "-default.xml" to "-standard.xml"
2017-12-26 JsonAdm Renamed templates from "-default.php" to "-standard.php"
2017-12-25 JQAdm Renamed templates from "-default.php" to "-standard.php"
2017-12-10 Core Parameters for getItemBase() and findItemBase() are no longer optional
2017-12-10 HTML client Use separate CSS file for e-mails
2017-12-08 HTML client Simplified constructors and removed unused template paths
2017-12-07 Jsonapi client Simplified constructors and removed unused template paths
2017-12-06 JsonAdm admin Pass Aimeos object instead of view and template paths
2017-11-30 HTML client Decorators can add data to views based on assigned data (replaces setViewParams())
2017-11-20 HTML client, JQAdm admin Moved country/currency/language translations to core
2017-11-09 Core Added type to getProvider() to be ease getting config in REST API
2017-11-07 Core Pass PSR-7 request to updateSync() of service providers
2017-11-06 Core Implemented new updatePush() method for service providers
2017-11-05 Core Merged order base item/manager constants
2017-11-04 Core Removed deprecated code
2017-10-17 Core Remove config for URLs that are injected automatically
2017-10-14 Frontend controller Remove options parameter from addProduct() and editProduct()
2017-10-14 Frontend controller Pass quantities for configurable attributes
2017-10-11 Core Allow several delivery/payment services in orders


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