2022.x -> 2023.x

This log contains a list of changes from 2022.x to 2023.x that might break your extension code or change the behavior of the frontend in a way that is different than before so a functionality won't work as expected any more:

Date Area Change
2022-10-31 HTML client Replace section by div nodes
Date Area Change
2022-02-10 JQAdm Renamed getArticles() to get() in product selection component
2022-02-09 JQAdm Swapped arguments of can() method
2022-02-09 JQAdm Added basic VueJS product component
2022-02-08 JQAdm Dynamically load product attribute types
2022-02-06 JQAdm Removed deprecated product order component method
2022-12-06 JQAdm Merged invoice panel into order item template
2022-11-29 JQAdm Removed unused config table code which has been replaced by a Vue component
2022-11-29 JQAdm Removed unused getCountries() JS method
Date Area Change
2023-01-30 Job controller Added order item to subscription processor methods
2023-01-06 Job controller Simplified subscription CSV export by using a template
2022-12-22 Job controller Use filesystem in catalog CSV importer
2022-12-22 Job controller Use filesystem in supplier CSV importer
2022-12-21 Job controller Use filesystem for stock CSV importer
2022-12-21 Job controller Improved catalog CSV importer and removed converters
2022-12-21 Job controller Improved supplier XML importer and removed converters
2022-12-20 Job controller Use filesystem stream for product CSV importer and removed converter
2022-12-20 Job controller Use filesystem stream for coupon code importer
2022-12-19 Job controller Use filesystem in supplier XML importer
2022-12-19 Job controller Use filesystem in product XML importer
2022-12-18 Job controller Use filesystem for customer group XML importer
2022-12-18 Job controller Use filesystem in customer XML importer
2022-12-18 Job controller Use filesystem layer to import catalog XML files
2022-12-17 Job controller Use filesystem layer for importing attribute XMLs
2022-11-14 Job controller Save orders after service provider methods automatically
Date Area Change
2023-03-24 Core Removed load() method from order manager
2023-03-08 Core Revert using domain manager name also for sub-managers by default
2023-03-03 Core Added missing return type for getTree() in catalog manager
2023-02-13 Core Removed Aimeos\MW\Common\Base class
2023-02-13 Core Streamlined find() method declarations
2023-02-12 Core Removed cache proxy class
2023-02-12 Core Removed MW\Common classes
2023-01-30 Core Added new paramenters and methods to interfaces
2023-01-21 Core Changed catalog.position search key to sort:catalog:position
2023-01-20 Core Changed search keys to order.product:count() and order.product:total()
2023-01-20 Core Use JSON type for config search attributes in managers
2023-01-17 Core Renamed processBatch() to push() in delivery service providers, removed process()
2023-01-11 Core Removed unused converter classes
2023-01-03 Core Allow domain prefixed references to limit fetched records
2022-12-06 Core Simplified address items
2022-12-05 Core Added get/setParentId() to address item interface
2022-12-02 Core Merged order and order base manager
2022-12-02 Core Merged mshop_order and mshop_order_base tables
2022-12-01 Core Renamed setup task for renaming order tables
2022-12-01 Core Renamed mshop_order_base_ tables to mshop_order_
2022-11-24 Core Removed deprecated aggregate() method in list managers
2022-11-23 Core Added optional price item to service payment provider refund() method
2022-11-19 Core Changed saveItem() method from public to protected in managers
2022-11-19 Core Replace setAttributes() by attributes() method in service providers
2022-11-19 Core Renamed getCustomerData() to data() and setCustomerData() to setData()
2022-11-19 Core Removed getOrder(), getOrderBase() and saveOrderBase() from service providers, renamed saveOrder() to save()
2022-11-17 Core Removed store() in favor of save() in order base manager
2022-11-16 Core Improves instantiating (sub-)manager implementations
2022-11-12 Core Added getBaseItem() method to subscription item interface
Date Area Change
2023-02-10 Base Use dynamic arguments in cache factory
2023-01-30 Base Added version parameter to content view helper
2022-11-21 Base Removed MQueue factory
2022-11-21 Base Removed filesystem factory
2022-11-20 Base Simplified database manager
2022-11-17 Base Use config array instead of object for DB factory


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