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Built-in extensions

A decorator adds additional features to a rule provider by adding additional configuration options. For example, if a percent discount should only be granted for a sepecific category, simply select and assign the category decorator to the current rule provider. All a decorator does is adding one or more specific features that can be assembled with other decorator rules in various arrangments in order to create a distinctive rule that extends a rule provider's own configuration. The great advantage of decorators is that they can be reused in any combination with all rules.


Decorators are activated by adding them to the "Provider" input field in the detail view of a rule item. The easiest way to do so is by clicking on the "+" icon next to the input field and selecting the desired decorator:

Add a decorator to the rule provider

Example: If a percentage (provided by the "Percent" rule provider) is configured like this:


If you would also like to restrict the rule to products from a specific category, you also need to add the "Category" decorator:


The decorators are called from right to left, so in the given example the "Category" decorator would be executed first, then the "Rebate" rule provider. Therefore, it's a good idea to add decorators requiring less resources at the end of the input field and decorators using external sources just before the rule provider.

Built-in decorators#


Restricts rules to products which are assigned to one of the configured categories.

category.code (required)
The category code or a list of comma-separated category codes (e.g. home,men,shirts)


You need to add catalog to the client/html/catalog/domains configuration setting so the Category rule decorator is used, e.g. ['catalog', 'media', 'media/property', 'price', 'text']. There's documentation how to change the configuration in Laravel and TYPO3 articles.


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