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Coupon provider


Adds a list of decorators to all coupon provider objects automatcally

mshop/coupon/provider/decorators = Array
  • Default: Array ( )
  • Type: array - List of decorator names
  • Since: 2014.05

Decorators extend the functionality of a class by adding new aspects (e.g. log what is currently done), executing the methods of the underlying class only in certain conditions (e.g. only for logged in users) or modify what is returned to the caller.

This option allows you to wrap decorators ("\Aimeos\MShop\Coupon\Provider\Decorator*") around the coupon provider.

 mshop/coupon/provider/decorators = array( 'decorator1' )

This would add the decorator named "decorator1" defined by "\Aimeos\MShop\Coupon\Provider\Decorator\Decorator1" to all coupon provider objects.

See also:

  • client/html/common/decorators/default
  • client/html/account/favorite/decorators/excludes
  • client/html/account/favorite/decorators/local


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