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Configures the list of decorators applied to all frontend controllers

controller/frontend/common/decorators/default = Array
  • Default:
  • Type: array - List of decorator names
  • Since: 2014.03

Decorators extend the functionality of a class by adding new aspects (e.g. log what is currently done), executing the methods of the underlying class only in certain conditions (e.g. only for logged in users) or modify what is returned to the caller.

This option allows you to configure a list of decorator names that should be wrapped around the original instance of all created controllers:

 controller/frontend/common/decorators/default = array( 'decorator1', 'decorator2' )

This would wrap the decorators named "decorator1" and "decorator2" around all controller instances in that order. The decorator classes would be "\Aimeos\Controller\Frontend\Common\Decorator\Decorator1" and "\Aimeos\Controller\Frontend\Common\Decorator\Decorator2".


Maximum number of items that can be fetched at once

controller/frontend/common/max-size = 500
  • Default: 500
  • Type: int - Number of items

This setting limits the number of items that is returned to the frontend. The frontend can request any number of items up to that hard limit to prevent denial of service attacks by requesting large amount of data.


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