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Locale components


The "locale select" component allows visitors to switch between the configured language/currency combinations. It generates menus for the available languages visitors can choose from and for the dependent currencies that are available.



In the locale select component implementation, two sections are available that can be controlled via the select subpart configuration: The language client for the language menu and the currency client for the currency menu. Each of these sections can contain further subparts and they can be configured by the language subpart and currency subpart settings.

The target, controller and action will stay the same after the page reload when visitors click on the links for changing the language or currency.


You can adapt the templates for the locale select component and their subparts by overwriting the templates in your own extension or configuring alternative template names:

If you want to change the HTML structure of one of the templates, please have a look at the original versions to ensure that you don't loose essential functionality.


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