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Phing build system

Currently we use phing as build system and it makes it easy to run the unit tests or build the translation files for example.

Execute phing#

You can execute phing in the root directory of each repository. Depending on the repository, there are different phing targets available and you should have a look into the build.xml file to find out their name and what tasks they perform. In the Aimeos core, you can also execute phing in the subdirectories which contains a build.xml file too. Then, only the tasks related to these sub-directory are executed.

The most important targets for you are "setup" to populate the database and "test" to find out, if everything is still working as it should:

phing setup
phing test

If you would like to test the Aimeos core on your hardware you can use target "setupperf" to write performance test data to the database and browse through the "Perfomance" site in the front end. You will have to activate the performance site in the administration interface.

Aimeos core targets#

The Aimeos core repository contains these targets:

all (or no target)
Executes the setup, test and check targets
Sets up the database and writes the unit test data to the database
Generates a code coverage report
Generates a code coverage report for a specific extension directory given via "-Ddir=ext/"
Executes the unit tests
Executes the unit tests for a specific extension directory given via "-Ddir=ext/"
Executes the code sniffer
Executes the code sniffer for a specific extension directory given via "-Ddir=ext/"
Generates the API documentation from the PHPDoc blocks and the Wiki documentation for the configuration settings
Cleans up temporary files
Extracts all strings that should be translated from the source files
Generates all binary translation files and the compressed JS files
Creates new Aimeos extension


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