2019.x -> 2020.x

This log contains a list of changes from 2019.x to 2020.x that might break your extension code or change the behavior of the frontend in a way that is different than before so a functionality won't work as expected any more:

Date Area Change
2020-07-28 Job controller Fixed configuration option for using coupons when renewing subscriptions
2020-05-03 Core Renamed filter() to applyFilter() in managers
2020-03-30 Core Moved customer birthday to address items
2020-03-27 Frontend controller Use local constant for catalog tree levels
2020-03-26 Frontend controller Return map for getProviders() in service controller
2020-03-24 Core Adds prefix parameter to formparam view helper
2020-03-22 Core Renamed createListsItem() to createListItem()
2020-03-21 Core Added type parameter to getStockItems() in product item
2020-03-17 JSON API Fixed "include" vs. "included" for basket related data
2020-03-16 Core Added standard URL segment for categories
2020-03-12 Core Use site ID for customer and address items
2020-03-12 Core Always include items with site ID NULL
2020-03-11 Core Added languge independent URL segment for products
2020-03-08 Core Added getStockItems() to product item and returns Maps by similar methods too
2020-03-05 Core Separate SQL statements for ANSI SQL and MySQL due to LIMIT/OFFSET differences
2020-03-03 Core Always sort result and use simple replacements in SQL statements only
2020-03-03 Core Remove site ID from cache table because caches are primarily key/value stores
2020-02-20 Core Extend session interface by del(), remove() and pull() methods
2020-03-23 Frontend controller Return Map for subscription getIntervals()
2020-02-21 JQAdm Renamed nextAction() to redirect() and simplified its method signature
2020-02-20 Core Calculate price item instead of rebate value
2020-02-17 Core Allow sorting by columns of dependent order tables
2020-02-11 Core Streamlined catalog and locale site tree items and managers
2020-02-09 Core Enforce retrieved domains explicitely in getRefItems
2020-02-09 Core Allow fractional quantities
2020-02-08 Core Added send() method to mail message for convenience
2020-02-06 JSON API Returns order details on request in order endpoint
2020-02-04 Frontend controller Implements uses() for order controller to retrieve order base item and basket content
2020-02-03 Core Use filter() method in each manager to filter items by custom functions
2020-01-27 JSON API Use Map objects instead of arrays [1] [2]
2020-01-27 Core Removed map view helper (replaced by Map::col() method)
2020-01-26 Core Use Map for return values of basket methods
2020-01-26 Core Return order product/service attribute items as map
2020-01-24 Core Use Map for address, lists, properties and ref items
2020-01-22 Core Extended aggregate() method signature and used Map as return value
2020-01-20 JSON Admin Use Map object as return value for searchItems()
2020-01-19 HTML client Use Map object as return value for searchItems()
2020-01-19 Frontend controller Use Map object as return value for searchItems()
2020-01-19 Job controller Use Map object as return value for searchItems()
2020-01-18 Core Use Map object as return value for searchItems()
2020-01-04 Core Adapt tests to PHPUnit 7.x/8.x
2020-01-01 Core Return NULL instead of false if DB fetch() returns no more rows
2019-12-31 Core Use binary charset for type and code columns in MySQL
2019-12-29 Core Use PHP 7.1 type hints for managers
2019-12-27 Core Use PHP 7.1 type hints for items
2019-12-25 Core Use PHP 7.1 type hints for factories
2019-12-22 JSON admin Use PHP 7.1 type hints for JSON admin
2019-12-22 HTML client Use PHP 7.1 type hints for HTML clients [1]
2019-12-21 Job controller Use PHP 7.1 type hints for job controllers [1]
2019-12-16 Core Stores hierarchical site ID strings to improve MySQL performance for market places
2019-12-16 Core Removed rollback() and clean() methods
2019-12-15 Core Renamed getSite() to getSiteItem() in locale item
2019-12-14 Core Change siteid column types to strings
2019-12-13 Frontend controller Added function() method for creating search function strings [1]
2019-12-12 Core Allow multiple values for parameters in :has() and :prop() search functions
2019-12-10 Core Use negative costs in rebate products instead of total in value
2019-12-09 Core Adds allowed search keys for ".lists.key" and ".property.key"
2019-12-04 Frontend controller Added search() method to catalog controller
2019-12-03 Core Added dynamic methods to all items
2019-12-01 Core Allow NULL values vor parent IDs in nested sets
2019-12-01 Core Automatically select simple/prepared statement type
2019-12-01 Core Removed MySQL cache implementation and cleaned up unused SQL
2019-11-30 Core Use get()/set() from base item class
2019-11-27 Frontend controller Allow NULL for text() in product controller
2019-11-27 Frontend controller Use PHP 7.1 type hints in frontend controllers
2019-11-25 Core Added optional domain to getListItemsDeleted()
2019-11-22 JSON API Use PHP 7.1 type hints in client JSON API
2019-11-22 Core Allow NULL for media scale() and resize() parameters [1]
2019-11-17 Core Allow null values for escape() method
2019-11-13 Core toConditions() returns null if empty condition array is given
2019-11-10 Core Use PHP 7 type hints for setup tasks
2019-11-12 Core Use PHP 7 type hints [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19]
2019-11-09 Core Improved cache adapter and make them PSR-16 compliant
2019-11-07 Core Added __toString() methods returning the ID to all items
2019-11-07 Core Return properties only on request
2019-10-30 Core Streamlined logger classes
2019-10-30 Core Implemented getCatalogItems() getSupplierItems() for products
2019-10-29 Core Added possibility to limit properties by there types
2019-10-28 HTML client Removed deprecations
2019-10-28 JQAdm admin Removed deprecations
2019-10-28 Job controller Removed deprecations
2019-10-28 Core Removed deprecations
2019-10-27 Core Renamed cleanupIndex()/ rebuildIndex() to cleanup()/rebuild()
2019-10-26 Core Renamed cleanupBase() to clearBase() to reflect cleanup() -) clear() change
2019-10-26 Core Renamed cleanup() to clear() to indicate that sites are completely wiped out
2019-10-22 JQAdm Improved text subpanel implementation
2019-10-21 JQAdm Improved price subpanel implementation
2019-10-21 JQAdm Improved media subpanel implementation
2019-10-21 JQAdm Implemented property table component
2019-10-21 JQAdm Implemented config table component
2019-10-14 Core Moved saveItem() declaration to specific manager interface


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