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Common cache


Enforces content caching regardless of user logins

client/html/common/cache/force = 
  • Default: ``
  • Type: boolean - True to cache output regardless of login, false for no caching
  • Since: 2015.08

Caching the component output is normally disabled as soon as the user has logged in. This enables displaying user or user group specific content without mixing standard and user specific output.

If you don't have any user or user group specific content (products, categories, attributes, media, prices, texts, etc.), you can enforce content caching nevertheless to keep response times as low as possible.

See also:

  • client/html/common/cache/tag-all


Adds tags for all items used in a cache entry

client/html/common/cache/tag-all = 1
  • Default: 1
  • Type: boolean - True to add tags for all items, false to use only a domain tag
  • Since: 2014.07

Each cache entry storing rendered parts for the HTML header or body can be tagged with information which items like texts, media, etc. are used in the HTML. This allows removing only those cache entries whose content has really changed and only that entries have to be rebuild the next time.

The standard behavior stores only tags for each used domain, e.g. if a text is used, only the tag "text" is added. If you change a text in the administration interface, all cache entries with the tag "text" will be removed from the cache. This effectively wipes out almost all cached entries, which have to be rebuild with the next request.

Important: As a list or detail view can use several hundred items, this configuration option will also add this number of tags to the cache entry. When using a cache adapter that can't insert all tags at once, this slows down the initial cache insert (and therefore the page speed) drastically! It's only recommended to enable this option if you use the DB, Mysql or Redis adapter that can insert all tags at once.

See also:

  • client/html/common/cache/force
  • madmin/cache/manager/name
  • madmin/cache/name


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